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This is a public entry. The cut has occurred. If you've been cut, and you still want to be friends, you can write to me, but I already made an entry AFTER the initial warning so that you would highlight there that you still wanted to be kept. So, I won't say you missed your chance, but the lack of interaction on both of my friends cut entries tells me what I need to know regarding your feelings about me, so that will most likely be that, based on the ball being in your court now.

Those who are safe, here's to our continuing friendships :)

I whittled down 74 friends to 46, incidentally. A much nicer number for me :)

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The thing about these "friend cut" things is that I never participate in them. I'm not going to beg for someone to keep me. If I'm not important enough to them and they want to get rid of me, then that's fine.

Having said that, I'm very rarely on here anymore. If I am, it's just a quick hop onto my own journal and then I'm gone again. I've not really spent much time reading my friends page in quite a while. Work keeps me busy and tired, so I may not always feel like coming to my friends page and reading through everything.

I'm sorry you felt the need to get rid of me, but that's your choice.

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